QD friends

community organization

QDfriends (copyright 2009)

We felt that money should go further than just supporting a family and putting a roof over our heads. There is more that could be done with a little bit of money.  And skills should go further than just earning an income. Skills would be valued much more if they are used with greater intent than just to create an income .”

And so with very limited money and very few skills, we bonded together for the purpose of helping others, respecting ourselves, our culture and the environment.


“One thought at a time, one day at a time, one person at a time… until all feel connected to and become inspiration to the whole community, and consequently… to the whole world.

In most places, the sun shines everyday. In some, the rain falls often. The sun is the happiness in our lives; the rain is the sadness. And once in a great while, the two combine to fill us with the wholeness of life… a beautiful rainbow.

Where there is too much or too little rain… there is flood or drought. Too much sadness can sink our ambitions and aspirations. And too little sadness can cause us to be insensitive and unappreciative.

So with each thought each day and with each person, we seek the balance.”


We are a community group working together to become happy and self-reliant. We work closely to discover our common needs– to prioritize and evaluate our most suitable plans.

Our concerns are for the whole community, and for every person regardless of gender and condition. Helping them, learn how to improve their health & family situation and how to find resources, is what we are all about.



One thought on “QDfriends (copyright 2009)

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