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Bean Curd (Tokwa)

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1 cup soybeans
1 teaspoon vinegar

1. Soak the beans in water overnight. Change water several times and remove floating grains.
2. Wash, grind the soybeans. Add about 6 cups water for every cup of beans while grinding.
3. Boil the ground beans in water for ½ hour while stirring.
4. Strain in muslin cloth.
5. Mix in well a teaspoon of vinegar.
6. Wrap in cloth the curdled soybean.
7. Remove the excess water by putting weight on top of it.

The curdled tokwa can be a substitute for meat.


Author: qdfriends

QDfriends bonded together for the purpose of helping others, and respecting themselves, their culture and the environment.

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