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How to make tahong chips

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Tahong chips or tahong chippy is a snack item basically made up of steamed tahong (mussels), flour, salt, cornstarch and seasoning. It comes into strips with a crispy texture, appetizing flavor and aroma.

Tahong chippy is also very nutritious and can be prepared easily at a very low cost. With proper storage condition, the product remains good until a month.

2 tbsp chopped tahong
1 cup flour, shifted
¼ tsp vetsin
½ tsp salt
½ tsp white pepper
2 ½ – 3 tbsp cold water or tahong broth
1 tsp baking powder
oil for frying

1) Steam the tahong, extract the meat and remove the byssi’s.
2) Chop the tahong meat.
3) Combine all dry ingredients and add the tahong broth or water gradually.
4) Knead and run through the noodle machine.
5) Cut into desired length.
6) Deep fat fry


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