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Easily Aroused Men Are More Likely to Cheat

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The factor: Wondering what makes a guy more apt to stray? According to new research in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, men who philander enjoy taking risks and are easily aroused. And we would have thought it was men who play it safe and don’t have an erotic bone in their body.

The not-so-obvious: According to the study, personality traits tended to trump everything else when it came to whether or not a guy would cheat. However, that wasn’t the case for women and cheating: The state of her relationship was the more predictive factor. A guy could be in a great relationship, but if he gets a thrill out of dangerous situations — and everything else, for that matter — he may cheat even if things with his mate are totally hunky-dory.

The takeaway: Women who are thinking about messing around might want to put their energy into couples therapy instead. Men, take heart. Though the study may suggest you’re a bit of a lost cause, it’s nothing a little professional soul-searching can’t help, provided you’re ready to change.


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